Baidu Supports HTTPS websites

For a long time now Google had been advocating for HTTPS and encouraging website owners to adopt the secure protocol. It even went as far as making HTTPS a ranking signal, hoping that the SEO world will help push HTTPS to popularity by rewarding secure websites.   In this regard, China had been lagging behind…



WeChat Ad Testing

WeChat expanded the platform’s advertising capabilities and inventory this year. In January, it started testing sponsored content in users’ Moments timeline with big brands like Coca-Cola and BMW. The sponsored content appears integrated into the timeline just like any other post, similar to what advertisers would expect on Facebook.     In early April, the…



Weibo vs WeChat User Update

Despite the apparent decrease in usage of microblog among Chinese Internet users, Weibo saw an increase in the monthly active users (MAUs) last year. In December 2014, the number was 175.7 million, up 36 percent year-on-year, or up 5.2 percent from Q3. The data is provided in Weibo’s Q4 earnings report which was released in…



Baidu Feature Updates

SERP Display: Last Modified Date Baidu has updated their SERP to show the last modified date of results instead of content cached dates. Previously, webmasters would use cache dates as a measurement of Baidu’s crawl frequency to their sites. However, Baidu’s cache dates were not very accurate, especially when redirects were involved. For example, Apple’s…



Baidu Research Announced Speech Recognition Breakthrough

Baidu’s research division announced initial results from its speech recognition system named “Deep Speech”. Deep Speech’s main goal is to improve accuracy in noisy environments such as in restaurants or on public transportation. According to released test results, Deep Speech outperforms previously published results on the Switchboard Hub5’00 benchmark, achieving 16.5% Word Error Rate on…