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The China SEO Landscape

With nearly double the number of internet users of the United States, China is the largest and fastest growing search market in the world. Requiring brands to execute smarter, more agile, marketing efforts to gain traction.

Our China team at the Egg consists of native Chinese SEO specialists, with that over 8 years of experience in executing SEO campaigns within China’s ever-changing search market. From Baidu, to 360 Search and Sogou; we understand where your target audience is, how to best reach them, and, when the time comes, how to convert them.

We can support your China SEO strategy:

Native team based in China

We understand what SEO strategies work for China

Baidu Webmaster Tools Account Set-Up

Sogou Webmaster Tools Account Set-Up

Execute Link Outreach

Creating compelling content

Analysis & Reporting in English

Extensive Keyword Research

Our SEO Clients for China

A Different Set of Players

With many local search platforms in China, Baidu search engine is by far the largest among them all. With a share of the Chinese search market of around 65%, Baidu has become as synonymous with search in China as “googling” something in other markets is.

Succeeding in China means understanding Baidu’s interpretation of SEO best practices and incorporating that within your overall SEO strategy.

Requiring a Localized Strategy


China is a huge market with a great deal of regional diversity. The Egg not only holds a deep understanding of Chinese search habits, but also of the vast regional and cultural difference throughout the country.


China is also a market where language plays a key role in allowing global, or regional, brands to connect with Chinese users. A user base that is becoming increasingly mature in their search and Ecommerce habits.


While Baidu requires a different, and often unique, technical implementation to standard websites. From font selection, to server location, our team understands what it takes to create a successful site for the Chinese market.

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