Targeted + Automated Advertising

Programmatic display advertising (also known as banner advertising) allows brands to display ads across multiple sites and platforms with greater targeting control.

Display advertising targets users with certain characteristics and search habits and shows the ad only when relevant to a particular user/audience. 

Programmatic advertising and media-buying automates the process of buying media space on other websites frequented by your target market, allowing your brand to be front and center of your target market without wasting time brokering independent advertising deals with web vendors. 

This level of display automation allows you to leverage existing networks to better reach users across the buying journey, generating greater re-targeting opportunities and subsequently customer retention. 

Our approach to programmatic display advertising uses your existing campaign creatives and leverages them through effective ad placement, testing, and targeting to ensure maximum ROI on websites worldwide.

We provide display ad options designed and customized to help you grow, compete, and succeed in the markets you serve.

This includes:  

  • Programmatic-buy and media-buy 
  • Ad creation 
  • A/B testing 
  • Channel targeting 
  • User targeting 
  • Insights + reporting 

Right Audience. Right Time. Right Platform.


We understand that it’s vital to research your market and create the right ad. The right ad shown to the right users at the right time is what converts.


Understanding which users convert and why allows for greater ROI.


We help you automate your programmatic-buying and media-buying with highly targeted, tightly controlled ads based on your audience’s unique interests and browsing behaviors.


Even great ads can be tested and improved. That’s why we employ data science to get your ads the visibility and conversions they deserve. 


Advertising in the right placements is also vital to maximize your ad spend.


A display campaign is only as effective as the insights that drive it. We understand the value of thorough and action-led reporting and use that to bring success to your display advertising campaigns around the world. 


Our programmatic display agency teams have extensive experience across a whole host of display advertising platforms. With that said, we consider ourselves strongest in:

Programmatic Display Advertising in China

Programmatic-Buy China

With a team of specialists based on Shanghai and Guangzhou, The Egg can help you tap into the China media-buying and display advertising market.

Media-Buy China

As a media-buying agency for the China market, we help clients leverage the right platforms at the right time to reach the right audience.

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    How Can We Help?