What’s it like to work at The Egg?

Job Vacancies

We are always looking to turbo drive our development by recruiting top-class people to our team. We are results-driven and believe strongly in personal development. We want every client who deals with us to have a positive experience, and we need the right people to make that happen.

When we recruit, we are looking for more than just smart, eager people; it has to be more than that–much more.

A Career With The Egg

What is it like working for The Egg?
Let us briefly share the type of person who thrives in our company culture.

The people who are most happy at The Egg are:

Deeply analytical

Committed and willing to go the extra mile

Want to learn and grow in the digital marketing field

The key to upholding our culture and ensuring our future success

If that sounds like you, then you might be the right candidate for us.

Egg Benefits

Here are some of the company benefits we offer to keep the team clucking:


We love the great outdoors and make sure we see it as often as we can. Team-building trips come every quarter.

Health Plan

We ask you to eat your veggies but when that fails, there’s the health plan.

Flexible Holidays

We’re all big boys and girls here; you decide when to push it to the limits and when you need to recharge.

Clean Air

In many cities in China, we can’t take clean air for granted! Breathe easy with our office air cleaners as well as face masks!

Health Club Subsidy

Whether you love going to the gym, yoga, or even Tai Chi, we provide a gym subsidy.

Dual Screens

When it comes to productivity there’s nothing like doing your work in full HD bliss.

Recent Team Events

We are always looking for great talent!