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We have the language capabilities, cultural knowledge, and local market expertise to ensure your paid efforts into Korea deliver results

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The Korea SEM Landscape

With more than 42 million internet users and the fastest internet speed in the world, Korea represents an undoubtedly attractive and relatively untapped market for online marketing in Asia.

However, setting up and running ad accounts on local search engines requires competency in Korean and an understanding of the Korean search market, in addition to a practical understanding of the local ad management platforms.

The Egg helps you turn these challenges into opportunities and market effectively to your potential customers in Korea by:

Naver Account Set-Up

Conversion Tracking Testing

Conversion Tracking Set-Up

Campaign and Ad Group Structuring

Localized Keyword Research

Active Bid management

Analysis & Reporting in English

Landing Page Consultation & Optimization

Our SEM Clients for Korea

Different Platforms

The Korean search market is relatively unexplored by foreign brands, providing a great opportunity for those looking to enter the market.

Naver, not Google, is the dominant player here with a search results page that differs markedly from Google as Naver-owned properties take a prominent position.

But Hyper-Localized


We understand paid search on Naver. It’s a wonderful beast, but one that requires understanding of how to set-up, execute, and optimize paid campaigns in a competitive landscape.

Native Team

A localized strategy requires local knowledge, especially when it comes to delivering ad copy that converts.

Ad Copy

Our Korean SEM team knows what it takes to deliver great ROI for our clients’ budgets. Ad copy isn’t a one-time thing, it requires constant refinement.

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