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We navigate the technical requirements and often stringent restrictions of Asia’s unique search engines and platforms, localizing your brand message and building a proactive digital marketing plan that drives growth for your business.


While digital marketing covers myriad industries, there are several in which we excel:


To categorize the travel industry as a moving target would be an understatement, and this is where The Egg can help.

From on-the-ground business competition shifting in the wake of disruptive technology to online shifts in user behavior and search result placement, the travel industry is competitive and hyper-localized.

We enjoy this challenge. Across hotels, OTAs, airlines, and vacation rentals, The Egg has experience in providing digital strategies capable of pushing travel brands into prominence and users towards conversion.


The Egg has a long history in executing B2B search marketing in Asia. Like B2B companies, we love data, and nothing gets us more excited than getting all the data points lined up so that we can squeeze the last drop out of every campaign.

The long-order cycle and lead-nurturing process make B2B unique and a stark contrast to the other areas we operate in. Nevertheless, our experiences have enabled us to master the nuances of B2B content and digital marketing, forming a natural fit for the whole strategy.

Whether the campaigns have been in organic or paid search, The Egg has spent a great deal of time helping companies connect the dots, sometimes through integration of CRM systems like, other times from upgrading lead-nurturing capability through a Marketo or Pardot platform.


The Egg has been fortunate enough to work with a number of great e-commerce platforms. From single market retailers to global behemoths, we have supported our clients in reaching their market potential.

Data drives e-commerce sites, and we have always been keen to assist our e-commerce clients in creating the best analytics set-ups possible to ensure that every decision made is supported and judged by hard numbers.

With our expertise in the field, we understand the challenges faced by each brand. We can help your company refine its e-commerce solutions and multi-channel approaches to appeal to your target customers in the most effective manner.


The publishing industry has undergone massive changes over the last 20 years, from technical advancements to competing content platforms, and huge shifts in user behavior. Publishers need to be increasingly omni-channel and user-focused.

Over the years, our support for publishers has evolved from purely SEO and SEM through to a more holistic digital strategy, integrating elements from technical, social, HTML markup, and app-based optimization.

We are fortunate enough to have worked with some of Asia’s biggest Chinese and English language publishers. Across fashion, recruitment, lifestyle, and hard news, we can help define the strategies necessary to grow your audience, maximize advertising potential, and drive subscriptions.


Competition defines the technology industry. This competition keeps the sector incomparably fast-paced—new companies rapidly pop up around new technologies and fight for market share.

How technology companies market themselves is always evolving, but one constant is that they must set themselves apart with speed and potency to gain a competitive advantage.

Understanding this necessity and having worked with large global tech giants, like Salesforce, NVIDIA, Splunk, Pure Storage, and more, we help our technology clients be proactive against market fluctuations with digital marketing strategies that keep you top of mind on search engines and social platforms in an ever-evolving industry with a tech-savvy audience.


Language matters to the beauty industry. Product descriptions must be accurate but aspirational, factual but fantastical, eliciting feelings of both brand trust and self-betterment.

With product value statements like anti-aging or eco-beauty juxtaposed against technical details like ingredients lists or side effects, brands must navigate complex search intent and keyword possibilities.

This presents challenges for beauty brands in digital marketing where specificity is critical to keyword targeting—but too many keywords can break budgets. Having helped some of the world’s top beauty brands navigate this complexity across languages and cultures, we find that sweet spot between information and inspiration, helping you gain visibility in the right demographic on the right platform at the right time.


Luxury brands have gone global with China far and away the largest consumer of luxury goods in the world.

The challenge of a global luxury brand is maintaining a coherent voice while being localized and effective in online communications, which can sometimes have conflicting priorities. Luxury brands want to elicit exclusivity, but the whole point of being online availability.

The question becomes how to remain sophisticated while using language that people actually identify—and more importantly, search—with? It also becomes critical for brand image to ensure that searches do not render your luxury brand alongside non-luxury brands.

With significant experience bringing luxury brands to Asia, we help clients navigate the complexities of language, position, and posterity with a consistent brand voice across vastly different national markets.


Travel-retail is a booming industry, particularly among Chinese travelers, the highest-spending consumer demographic in the world.

With the myriad unique platforms used by Asian travelers—including Jessica’s Secret, Ctrip, Meitu, Juwai, and more—comes unprecedented opportunities to reach your audience before, during, and after their trips. This is done with unparalleled precision based on different life stages, geolocations, trip spend, trip times, and more.

We help clients navigate the stringent app and search engine requirements, leverage the right platforms at the right time, and bridge the subtle but critical cultural nuances that can make or break digital marketing revenue in Asia for the travel-retail industry.


Our focus on driving innovation across the digital marketing space encouraged us to develop technologies and tools capable of assisting brands working across markets and languages.


Dragon Metrics was launched in Asia to solve a need for agencies and clients doing SEO in China, Japan and Korea.

It has since grown into a global tool, offering keyword ranking data across countries, language, and devices, in addition to helping you keep an eye on competitors’ activities and rankings.

The company CEO is Simon Lesser, a former employee of The Egg who has grown Dragon Metrics from an internal tool to an independent entity. Simon runs Dragon Metrics out of New York and is happy to arrange a free trial if you get in touch.

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Rank above competitors
  • Automate the reporting process
  • Get actionable insights and deep analysis
  • Find and fix site issues
  • Improve ROI and performance


UpStory grew from a need in the content marketing world to deliver the right content offerings to the right users.

Using advanced predictive algorithms, UpStory understands the different types of users that visit your site, the channels they come from, and the articles they click on. It uses this information to deliver content relevant to specific users, driving greater engagement, more time on site, reduced bounce rates, and increased page views.

  • Understand your users: UpStory sits on your site, using user data to create user buckets.
  • Deliver the right content: With this data, we help you to deliver the relevant content that your users want.
  • Get the right results: UpStory delivers higher user engagement.

Digital Solutions. Business Growth.

Whether your focus is on long-term organic growth, short-term conversion optimization, powered-up social presence, or a mix of all things digital marketing, we can help you compete and succeed in Asia.


Attract organic traffic, build brand awareness, and capture quality conversions from across Asia.


Craft localized paid search strategies and generate opportunities for your Asian sales funnel.


Establish a strong social presence in new markets among Asia’s high-spend, tech-savvy audience.


Deliver targeted ads and marketing value where it counts on Asia’s unique platforms.

Trusted by world-renowned brands

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      You're almost there! Just a few contact details, and you'll get deep digital insights straight to your inbox.

      * indicates required

      You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails.

      We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here.