The China Social Landscape

With 340 million users on Weibo and closer to 440 million on WeChat, social media usage in China is huge. Brands capable of connecting with and selling to this significant audience base can elicit significant ROI. 

We can help you better connect with Chinese users where they are most engaged 

With over 8 years of experience in executing organic and paid social strategies in China for both local players and global brands, we can help you navigate China’s social environment, helping you apportion your budget in the most effective channels possible. 

We can support your China social strategy in key areas: 

  • Native team based in China 
  • Paid and organic social strategies that work in China 
  • Social media-buying on Weibo and WeChat 
  • Analysis and reporting in Chinese or English 

Building your Best Strategy for Social Marketing in China


With Western social platforms banned in China, Weibo and WeChat dominate the Chinese social market, connecting users in ways perhaps similar to Western social platforms, but with unique marketing opportunities. 

WeChat is similar in nature to WhatsApp. It offers instant messaging among friends, but also uniquely brands can connect with customers, although this requires brands to develop deeper relationships with brand advocates. 

Weibo acts as perhaps a more traditional social platform, more similar to a Twitter. Advertising opportunities here are more generally targeted. 


China is a huge market with a great deal of regional diversity. The Egg holds a deep understanding not only of Chinese social platform habits but also how brands can leverage spend to elicit the greatest impact. 


China is also a market where language plays a key role in allowing global and regional brands to connect with Chinese users. Not only can we help you better connect with consumers, but we can also assist you in creating accounts on non-English social platforms. 


With digital marketing specialists based in China, The Egg understands Chinese consumer behavior. This includes an understanding of the key opinion leaders (KOLs) for a multitude of business sectors, helping to ensure that your marketing dollars are going into the right channels to build your brand. 

Digital Marketing across Asia

Each market in Asia comes with unique search engines, language challenges, and user habits. Navigating these environments requires local and digital expertise for strategies that convert.  


China has 828 million internet users captive on a unique array of exclusively Chinese search engines and social media. 


Japan’s familiar platforms grant brands unparalleled access to its 119 million internet users and USD $82 billion e-commerce market.


With a GDP of USD $1.7 trillion in 2019, Korea represents an attractive yet relatively untapped digital market for global brands.


APAC offers huge growth potential. The challenge lies in localizing digital strategies across vastly diverse regional markets.

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