The Programmatic-Buying Landscape in China

The beauty of programmatic display in China is that brands can target audiences with unprecedented precision through real-time bidding that serves ads based on big consumer data.  

This big consumer data allows us to distinguish people with similar behaviours and serve ads customized to these people across myriad mediums and platforms. 

For example, brands can bulk purchase ad space to appear on multiple platforms before a consumer who is 18-25 years of age, who searched for ad keywords in the past 7 days, who is interested in cars and financing, who is expecting their second child, and who has recently stayed at the Four Seasons in Phuket

Chinese platforms, however, come with stringent restrictions for brands to open accounts. We help our clients navigate these requirements, leverage the right platforms at the right time, and bridge the subtle but critical cultural nuances that can make or break advertising revenue in China.

With agency teams based in Shanghai and Guangzhou, we understand the trends, opportunities, and complexities of Chinese consumer behaviour and have partnered with powerhouse platforms to give our clients unique access to this lucrative demographic.  

Leveraging this access, we provide programmatic display ad options designed and customized to help our clients grow, compete, and succeed in the Chinese market. 

Building your Best Strategy for Programmatic-Buy in China


As the #1 programmatic platform in China, iPinYou provides granular consumer data for advertisers to target audiences with precision. We have a strong partnership with iPinYou that our clients leverage for success in programmatic display in China.


Leveraging the largest programmatic ad platform in China, we help advertisers integrate big data—including geography, device, interests, purchase history, purchase tendency, and more—to understand Chinese tourist interests and needs. 

From this, we create an effective programmatic media strategy, facilitating precise audience targeting based on user interests and behaviours and helping advertisers deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time in the most cost-effective manner.

Real-time bidding

Automate the purchase of online advertising at competitive prices. 


Deliver ads to audiences who have engaged with your brand before. 


Adjust budget, timing, media, and audience filtering.


iPinYou allows advertisers to make targeting decisions based on insights gained from mass data. It supports real-time ad delivery optimisation through its programmatic algorithm and facilitates ad creative and delivery through data asset management. 


Through our partnership with iPinYou, we offer a robust and results-driven digital advertising audience taxonomy. This patented behaviour model analyses 8 data vectors:

  • Demographics 
  • Personal interests 
  • Buying propensity 
  • Geography
  • Buying environment 
  • Device data 
  • Media interests 
  • App interests 
  • Demographics 
  • Personal interests 
  • Buying propensity 
  • Geography
  • Buying environment 
  • Device data 
  • Media interests 
  • App interests 
Audience Targeting

Deliver ads based on critical advertising taxonomy vectors. 


Deliver ads to audiences in a precise location.

Media and device targeting

Target specific mediums, ad exchanges, devices, browsers, networks, etc.


iPinYou has a support team specifically for The Egg. Our bigger partnership with them means that our buying model is also bigger such that we can support clients with a lower media-buying budget than what iPinYou allows in a one-to-one advertising relationship. We understand what our clients do, and we understand what iPinYou does.

This means that we can align marketing strategies, feeding iPinYou information on what keywords are converting better in your SEM strategies, so that iPinYou can advertise to people who searched for those converting keywords. Your SEM strategy then works together with your programmatic-buying strategy to better achieve your broader marketing goals. 

Digital Marketing across Asia

Each market in Asia comes with unique search engines, language challenges, and user habits. Navigating these environments requires local and digital expertise for strategies that convert.  


China has 828 million internet users captive on a unique array of exclusively Chinese search engines and social media. 


Japan’s familiar platforms grant brands unparalleled access to its 119 million internet users and USD $82 billion e-commerce market.


With a GDP of USD $1.7 trillion in 2019, Korea represents an attractive yet relatively untapped digital market for global brands.


APAC offers huge growth potential. The challenge lies in localizing digital strategies across vastly diverse regional markets.

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