China Search Social Integration – Baidu and Soso Index Microblog Content

Not long ago, Sina Weibo launched Real-time Search. Seemingly like a counterstrike, Baidu started indexing Microblog content from Tencent and Netease Microblogs, which are major competitors of Sina Weibo. However, according to my research, Baidu is still testing the feature, as when only searching for a very limited number of keywords, you may find Miroblog…



Link Building in Japan

Link building is one of the controversial topics today and there is no difference in Japan. With the integration of Yahoo Japan using Google’s algorithm, the focus on conducting SEO with Google’s algorithm in mind has never been greater. As we all know, quality incoming links from relevant sources are valued more highly by Google…



Baidu Relevant Search

What is Baidu Relevant Search? As its name suggests, Baidu relevant search means that the Baidu system provides relevant keyword suggestions when you type the keyword that you want to search. It appears in two forms. One is before the search and the other after the search. Before the search looks like the picture below,…