Rich Media Ads VS PPC

In the early stage of the Internet, most advertisements were Banner ads shown as words and flat pictures on the network. They passed direct stimulation to the audience. The information transmission of text image ads is simple and straightforward. The required network traffic is small and it’s loved by advertisers. PPC also belongs to this…



Japanese SEM – PPC in Japan

Internationally, Google adwords dominates the PPC space while in Japan Yahoo! Japan Listing Ads dominate. As mentioneded in my previous post regarding the Google and Yahoo partnership, this had an impact on organic search; however this isn’t the case for PPC in Japan. Even with Google’s integration, Yahoo Japan still runs its own paid environment…



Sina Weibo Reaches Its Plateau

Weibo has made great progress in 2011, not only with Sina but also Tencent etc., which may exceed many industry experts’ predictions. Weibo is not merely an entertainment platform as Weibo is also widely used as a communication channel between government and people and helps to hold public-service activities. But even so, there seems to…