WeChat Launches Analytics Platform for Mini Programs: New Features (2021)

Boost your Wechat performance - new analytics for mini programs

With businesses increasingly using WeChat as their e-commerce channel in China, WeChat recently launched an analytics platform across its Mini Programs—“We分析”—packed with stats and metrics for assessing and improving UX and sales performance.

Here, let’s explore the unique features of WeChat’s Mini Programs analytics platform and how its personalized data can help you track and improve your business within the WeChat ecosystem.

WeChat Mini Programs Analytics Platform (“We分析”): How to access it?

1. WeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”) - Logging inWeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”): Logging in

Your WeChat Mini Programs account administrator can access the login page, click the white button to launch the platform, then scan the login QR code with the WeChat app.

Once you’re logged in, select the right channel, and press the green button to launch the analytics platform on the PC end. Doing so will reveal the data dashboard.

2. WeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”) - Choose your channelWeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”): Choose your channel

3. WeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”) - Press ‘confirm’ to launch the analytics platform on the PC endWeChat Mini Programs analytics platform (“We分析”): Press ‘confirm’ to launch the analytics platform on the PC side 

WeChat Mini Programs analytics Platform (“We分析”): 4 Key Features

1.     Comprehensive Data Dashboard

WeChat’s “We分析” houses a comprehensive data dashboard that lets you:

  • Track user entry points, actions, and conversion rates across your Mini Programs
  • Sort and integrate different traffic channels
  • View detailed data from tracked user actions and conversions, including (but not limited to) the delivery, impressions, clicks, and unsubscribes of the Mini Program subscription message. By long-pressing tracking codes, you can also jump back and forth between the dashboard and specific channels of the Mini Programs.

4. WeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”) - Data dashboard overviewWeChat Mini Programs analytics platform (“We分析”): Data dashboard overview

2.     Detailed Insights

“We分析” has insights that analyze user actions, conversion funnels, retention rates, user journeys, and much more across your Mini Programs. These metrics support the decision-making and analytical needs of your business within the WeChat ecosystem.

5. WeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”) - Insights for conversion funnel (left) and user actions (right)WeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”): Insights for conversion funnel (left) and user actions (right)

3.     Customizable Dashboards

Aside from its main dashboard, WeChat’s Mini Programs analytics platform (“We分析”) also features similar dashboards that are customizable based on the needs of different industries.

For example, a dashboard analyzing an e-commerce business would display metrics like traffic, search volume (i.e., to reveal best-sellers), customer profiles and behavior, and user journey data. On top of that, it would showcase a broader data breakdown of the entire e-commerce industry.

This helps businesses quickly assess their online store performance in comparison to the industry benchmark.

6. WeChat Mini Programs analytics (“We分析”) - Customizable dashboard analyticsWeChat Mini Programs analytics platform (“We分析”): Customizable dashboard analytics

4.     User Insights across all WeChat properties

In conjunction with its user privacy guidelines, WeChat’s Mini Programs analytics platform (“We分析”) provides user insight tools that allows brands to understand visitor profiles across their WeChat properties, including WeChat Official Accounts and WeChat Moments.

At the same time, it shows you user action data from your WeChat interaction campaigns, which can help paint a better picture of your overall performance.


With its newly launched Mini Program analytics platform (“We分析”) platform, WeChat is supporting strong e-commerce across China—and brands can leverage this tool to stay competitive in the world’s largest consumer market.


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