WeChat launches Moments Topic Ads

In Q4 2018, Tencent’s social and other advertising revenues had increased 44% to CNY ¥11.8 billion. However, in Q1 2019, that figure decreased to CNY ¥9.9 billion, a sharp decline.

Previously, there were only two mediums to advertise on WeChat: WeChat Moments ads and WeChat banner ads. But on August 9, 2019, WeChat launched a new advertising medium: WeChat Moments topic ads.

With the launch of topic ads, WeChat aims to attract more advertisers by offering more functionality and conversion potential (and in turn increase its own ad revenue).

Here, we discuss the new features and benefits of WeChat Moments topic ads.

Features of WeChat Moments Topic Ads

WeChat Moments topic ads display the same as WeChat Moments ads, but they have a “topic discussion” trigger on the top right of the ad.

And different from WeChat Moments ads, the landing page for WeChat Moments topic ads is a video page with a description and functions for comments, reposts, shares, and more. There is also banner ad space above the comment area.

Brand Community Zone

WeChat described its topic ad as not just a WeChat Moments ad, but also a brand community zone.

Essentially, this means that the ubiquity of WeChat Moments ads combined with the new discussion capabilities of topic ads fuels engagement, better targets audiences, and places a greater emphasis on generating a higher conversion rate.

4 Hour Ad Life

Previously, a WeChat ad must have been live for at minimum 12 hours, but now WeChat Moments topic ads can be live for just 4 hours, if you so wish. This shortened ad life is good for time-sensitive campaigns, such as new product releases, entertainment programs, and limited-time special pricing.

Basically, if you have a time-sensitive campaign, you can now choose a tighter advertising period.

For example, Olay has a skincare day/night cream and perhaps wants to target audiences who are active online at midnight. So, it can choose to display its ad from 20:00-24:00 or 00:00-04:00.

Benefits of WeChat Moments Topic Ads

Advertising on WeChat has become more diverse and functional. You can now include graphics, videos, interactivity, limited-time promotions, and more.

There are also greater engagement features, including tagging, visibility metrics (XX friends can see), @friend interaction in the comments area, brand introduction pages, and more.

These new functions make it easier for brands to reach their target audiences and easier for audiences to engage with their favorite brands.

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