Recently, WeChat updated to version 7.0.5 for iOS and Android. No new features were launched, but user experience was improved. Let’s check out more details.

WeChat 7.0.5: Official Accounts

Article history display gets revamped

Previously, article history was displayed at the bottom of the account profile. Users could only can view a small image.

In the new version, the profile page emphasizes content, which is formatted the same as messages in your subscription or service account.

WeChat 7.0.4

WeChat 7.0.5

Pro-tip: Add brand elements to the header to promote a sophisticated brand image. For example:

WeChat 7.0.5: Personal Accounts

Add music to your video

WeChat Moments allows you to share life’s most interesting experiences with your WeChat friends.

In the latest version, you can search and add song snippets from WeChat’s music collection to the videos you shoot and share to your Moments.

Share Moments to group chat members

Users can control which WeChat friends are able to view their Moments. Previously users were annoyed that they had to create different groups with different tags for different people to see different Moments posts.

Now, when posting to Moments, users can easily select “Share List” => “Select from Groups” and select one or more groups who will have permission to view your Moments post.

After selecting, only members of those groups will be able to view your post.

This is another great way to make sure that only the people you care about see your personal photos, funny baby videos, or other Moments posts.

Floating Window: Support multiple windows and window types

The floating window was initially introduced in 2017 as a way for you to save your place and minimize an article while checking other parts of WeChat.

Now, you can “float” up to 10 different windows, including for articles, document previews, or nearly any other type of content.

When viewing a music or audio Mini Program, you’ll also be able to see what’s playing via WeChat’s new music display in the floating window.

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