Top 10 WeChat Moments Ads Q1 2019

Based on user engagement and performance data, WeChat released its top 10 Moments ads for Q1 2019, most of which were published around the Chinese Spring Festival.

Here, let’s take a look at these ads and why they’re so popular.

Creative + Interactive

National Palace Museum

This advertisement thinks outside the box, combining a comedic tone with traditional culture and creative content, cracking jokes like “even the emperor’s seal is on holiday, but you’re still stuck working overtime.” The landing pages are also eye-catching, and the ad itself has interactive elements, such as prompting users to slide the screen to open the door.


The McDonalds Moments ad featured an interactive video that guides users to draw a bucket to catch good luck. On the landing page, each burger name is integrated with Chinese blessing words.


Huawei also used an interactive element to entice users to engage with the advertisement.

Arena of Valor (video game)

The advertisement didn’t overtly highlight the game, but rather told a story about friends catching up during Chinese New Year. This created a warm feeling among the audience and was well-received.


Lancôme enticed users to draw a heart to unlock a surprise.

The KOL Effect

Yili Milk

Yili invited 6 popular celebrities, each whom has over 100 million followers on different Chinese social media platforms, to wish a happy new year to the audience. The company changed its profile to the celebrity’s name (instead of the brand name) to create a deeper sense of connection with followers.


Tissot published an ad with two celebrities acting as Tissot brand ambassadors. This was well-received as the celebrities are well-known and have strong appeal among the target audience.


Recently, Mi released a new mobile product. In its WeChat Moments ad, Jun Lei, the founder of Mi, tells the audience about a friendly chat he recently had with Yuan Wang, a youth celebrity. Compared with straight brand and/or product promotion, this soft-sell, KOL format created a sense of intimacy with the audience.

Shopping Convenience

Cartier and VanCleef & Arpels are both major global luxury brands. They created WeChat Moments ads that were product-based and simply designed, providing direct links to the online store. This simplistic shopping convenience was well-received among target audiences.


VanCleef & Arpels

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