For B2B brands, events can be critical benefactors to increase your WeChat followers, most of which will be your target audience, because they actually attended your event in-person.

Check out these easy steps to leverage your offline events to increase your WeChat followers.

Increase WeChat Followers: Before your event

Tactic 1: Print a QR code that links to your WeChat on the business development materials that you’ll no doubt distribute during your event, including brochures, banners, TV screens, and more.

Tactic 2: Launch a pre-event campaign on WeChat, such as:

  • Have your followers complete a WeChat form to sign-up for your event (so that people can use WeChat check-in upon arrival).
  • Use a WeChat invitation and give away an event-related prize to people who sign-up.
  • Do a pop quiz in which if the user gets a certain score, then he/she wins an event-related prize or a free event ticket.

Increase WeChat Followers: During your event

Tactic 1: If you have a company speaker at the event, share your WeChat QR code on the last slide of your PPT to attract audiences to follow you.

Tactic 2: Use keywords to encourage engagement. Essentially, you can set a keyword on the backend of WeChat that followers can enter to automatically receive your PPT slides.

Tactic 3: Provide giveaways and gifts for visitors who follow your WeChat account.

Tactic 4: Use WeChat check-in. (You’ll need third-party support, and this is best suited for 100+ participants.) If you followed step 1 in the above section, attendees must use WeChat to check-in and confirm their information, which will capture all attendees, so you can target them to encourage them to follow your WeChat.


Tactic 5: Interact with audiences through WeChat. (You’ll need third-party support, and this is best suited for 100+ participants.) The host or speaker can initiate voting, comments, and games with audiences through WeChat to show on the presentation screen.

Increase WeChat Followers: After your event

Tactic 1: Post an event recap and set keywords for sharing documents with attendees and others who couldn’t attend but are still interested in your content. Of course, the content should be compelling and of-value and encourage engagement.


There are many ways to increase your followers and encourage engagement on WeChat during your offline events. It is key to always give your audience content of value to compel your audience to follow rather than just sharing brand information.

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