In 2019, marketers are going back to the drawing board to explore user-centric content marketing tactics that help organizations appear more human and connected to UX.  

This is evident in the uptake of more individualized marketing strategies, like account-based marketing, interactive content, inbound marketing, and personalized marketing.  

The future is people: in-person sales, smart targeting, and convenient, engaging content that meets buyers wherever they are—online and off. 

Here, we talk about the benefits of integrating backend platforms to help B2Bs better connect with and understand their Chinese audience on WeChat.   


Source: 2019 B2B Marketing Mix Report, Sagefrog

Most B2B marketers see the value in creating a deeper connection with their followers to truly understand their unique needsTo facilitate this deeper connection, there are many different social, service, and survey tools to choose from that you can integrate with WeChat’s backend. These tools provide tangible benefits, including:  

 1. SocialCRM System

  These types of systems collect consumers’ social behavior and integrate with your global CRM to help sales follow-ups through such features as:  

Campaign and/or Event Acquisition Tracking  

Increase transparency of campaign results and enhance ease of analytics. 

Sales CRM O2O: Sales-Driven QR Code Scanning 

Help in-store personnel convert offline traffic to online data through personalized QR code scanning, and track follower sources. 

Follower and Post Segmentation 

Differentiate various interest groups, for example, promotion lovers, event lovers, content lovers, zombie fans, etc., and provide personalized customer journeys for different segments and fan groups. 

Follower Behavior Tracking 

Using preferences, activities, recruitment channels, and locations, construct a 360˚ customer profile from which you can take insights on how to best market to a particular audience segment. 

Source: JING digital

 2. Customer Service Chatbot  

Chatbots provide live chatting support and record follower information and behavior. The data can integrate with your CRM system and/or customer service platform and provide such benefits as: 

Live Customer Service 

When followers send messages to your account, the chatbot can quickly respond to each inquiry while collecting personal data. It also increases engagement and drives conversions through instant conversation. 

Follower Analysis  

Chatbots constantly collect and analyze follower data for you to glean insights on user information and how best to target your audience.   

Source: JING digital


3. Survey Tools 

Surveys and voting are common interaction methods for B2B brands. However, WeChat’s native voting function doesn’t track voter information. Therefore, integrate a third-party survey platform to track user profiles, needs, and challenges to gain market insights and customer feedback on your surveys. 

There are many different social, service, and survey tools that you can integrate with WeChat. Once you’ve consistently posted quality content, accumulated loyal followers, and integrated these connection-building platforms, these platforms can help you drive engagement, cultivate relationships, and turn more followers into customers. Contact us to discover the right tools for your brand to grow on WeChat.   

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