Unlike Google, Baidu PPC (pay-per-click) is prepaid.

There is an initial mandatory top-up fee that starts from USD $1,000 along with an initial service fee that starts from USD $142. This price differs in different regions and industries.

After the account is registered, advertisers choose their keywords and set up campaigns. When the ads are clicked, the cost-per-click (CPC) is deducted from the initial mandatory fund pool. The actual CPC is determined by the bidding price you set in your account.

Will Baidu charge an ad display fee?

Baidu will only charge you when someone clicks on your ad. There is no cost associated with how many times your ad displays. So, there is only a CPC not a cost-per-impression (or cost-per-display).

How do I calculate the cost-per-click?

Only a click by potential customers (people who are interested in your product or service) will be charged by Baidu. The total cost of your ad spend is the total sum of each cost-per-click.

How is CPC calculated?

Here’s the formula for Baidu’s CPC:


Actual CPC = (next rank competitor CPC * next rank quality score) / your quality score + 0.01.


If you rank the last of all PPC results, or if there is only one PPC result, the actual CPC will be the keywords minus the display price.

Does Baidu provide a detailed fee breakdown list?

You can find your keyword report with clicks and spending in the Baidu system. You can generate this report at any time.

Can I adjust my Baidu PPC budget?

Yes, you can. You can set a budget cap of each ad campaign and your account. You can also control your budget by controlling the target cities, time, and keywords.

What if there are malicious clicks?

Malicious clicks are considered invalid; therefore, you won’t be charged for malicious clicks.

What are malicious clicks?

Malicious clicks can include clicks by your competitors, click-cheating software, multiple clicks by the same person, and browser refreshes.

Baidu will automatically filter malicious clicks by data analysis. If Baidu finds anything abnormal, these clicks will be considered malicious and won’t be charged.

How can I identify malicious clicks?

Baidu has a free tool called Baidu Shangdun (百度商盾), which is designed to diagnose and invalidate malicious clicks.