Baidu PPC - New Ad Requirements

Earlier this year, Baidu enacted new mandatory ad requirements to moderate its content.

And in May 2021, it updated the original implementation schedule—so how does this affect your Baidu ads?

Per Baidu’s GRC compliance measures, advertisers from select industries must host their landing pages on its domain exclusively. However, several of the platform’s advertisers adamantly appealed this directive, particularly since they could lose site traffic to Baidu.

In response, Baidu has removed the following industries from its GRC 2021 schedule altogether:

  • Commodity trading
  • Gaming
  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Animal husbandry & fishery
  • Social welfare
  • Communications
  • Internet services

Here, let’s look at Baidu’s updated GRC implementation schedule (as of May 2021).

Baidu’s Updated GRC Schedule for 2021

As seen above, some industries were axed from Baidu’s GRC schedule in May 2021.

Baidu also stipulated that services from the following industries must remain hosted on its platform:

  • Financial services: App download services
  • Sports equipment industry: Outdoor equipment services
  • Chemical energy industry: Cleaning and disinfection products
  • Software industry: Business software applications
  • Entertainment and media industry: Novels, periodicals, and similar products
  • Household services: Any up-and-coming services

Below are the deadlines for accounts in the specified industries to complete their ad landing page migration to Baidu’s domain:

2021/04/30 ·       Health products & pharmaceuticals

·       Medical apparatus

·       Logistics

·       Sports equipment (only outdoor equipment services)

·       Baby products

·       Daily consumer goods

·       IT/consumer electronics

·       Chemical energy (only cleaning disinfection products)

2021/05/27 ·       Food & beverage

·       Entertainment and media (only novels, periodicals, etc.)

·       Baggage and clothing

·       Software (only business software applications)

·       Financial services (only app download services)

·       Business services (only business overhaul and reconstruction services)

2021/06/29 ·       Household services (except confinement centers, pet clinics and supplies)

·       Indoor entertainment and sports venues

·       Investment promotion



Staying up-to-date with Baidu’s latest GRC compliance requirements ensures that your official Baidu ad account is not affected negatively, leaving you with one of the most effective mediums to engage the world’s largest consumer market!

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