Baidu PPC: 5 Ad Account States

Baidu is the #1 search engine in China and is an essential platform to grow your online presence in the massive Chinese digital market.

However, Baidu’s requirements can be confusing, particularly when activating your Baidu PPC account.

In this article, we cover 5 account states you may face when activating your Baidu PPC account.

Baidu PPC: Account Verification

Your Baidu PPC account verification is not instantaneous. It will take some time for Baidu to verify your account information. Once it is done, Baidu will send an update on your verification status.

Baidu PPC: Account Activated

Once your account is activated, and you may launch your advertising campaign. However, do note that the performance of your advertising campaign is ultimately dependent on your optimization techniques (e.g., ad group, keywords, creative content, etc.). You may also be interested to know common glossary terms for Baidu Ads.

Baidu PPC: Account Rejected

If your account is rejected, it is most likely due to non-compliance with Baidu’s account requirements. Please refer to the reasons specified and resubmit after amendments. Baidu will the reevaluate your account information.

Baidu PPC: Top-Up Account Balance

Once your top-up payment is received, Baidu will verify and send a confirmation of receipt. However, the status of your top-up will not be reflected immediately, as the verification takes some time.

Baidu PPC: Zero Account Balance

For your paid search campaign to remain active, please always ensure there are sufficient funds in your account. Disruption may occur (e.g., ads and keyword search may not appear) when there is a zero account balance.


As you can see, advertising in China can be a complicated and challenging process. Brands must understand how to optimize Baidu PPC for the best results.

On top of that, did you know that brands can also make use of display advertising to reach their target market?

Are you ready to reach your audience in China?

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