An Intro to Audience Targeting with Baidu Mobile PPC: Open-screen ads

Baidu open-screen ads leverage the high-quality traffic that exists on Baidu and thus gives brands strong exposure to the Chinese market.

Here, we discuss how your open-screen ads display on Baidu mobile and give some examples of successful Baidu open-screen ads.

Your Baidu open-screen ad can be displayed on mobile as follows:

Baidu Open-Screen Ad: Mobile apps

Baidu Mobile Apps

  • Strong coverage of tier 1 and 2 cities
  • Age: <25
  • Coverage: 56.2%
  • App installations: 600,000,000+
  • Daily active users: 100,000,000+

Baidu Open-Screen Ads: Product apps

Baidu Open-Screen Ads: Product Apps

  • Resources are well-selected by Baidu
  • App installations: 520,000,000+
  • Wide coverage and strong exposure

Baidu Open-Screen Ads: Successful examples



  • Purpose: New car launch
  • Launch: July 2019
  • CTR: 8%
  • BurberryBurberry
  • Purpose: Brand activity
  • Launch: July 2019
  • CTR: 7%



  • Purpose: Brand promotion
  • Launch: April 2019
  • CTR: 8.5%


There are ample opportunities for brands to advertise through Baidu and gain visibility in the Chinese market—open-screen ads are just one of many.

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