Discover Hong Kong, Singapore & China’s Top Travel Search Trends in 2021

Travel Search Trends in HK, SG & CN – APAC in 3 – Episode 01

Travel bubbles, cruises to nowhere, staycations, glamping.

Although the pandemic disrupted leisure travel, demand for travel content soared as people liked, commented, and searched for the perfect local getaway.

With vaccinations forging ahead and traveler confidence growing, it’s prime time for travel brands to target popular travel keywords and rank higher on search engines.

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After being confined at home for over a year, Hongkongers are longing for outdoor escapes, staycations, and exquisite dining—which saw searches for “glamping”, “staycation優惠” (staycation deals), and “自助餐優惠” (buffet deals) skyrocket in the past 12 months.

The search engine results page, or SERP, for all three terms feature travel websites and blogs, which owes much to how information-packed and easy they are to use. In particular, Hong Kong’s glamping sites don’t tend to have dedicated websites and rely instead on positive customer reviews and social media to promote themselves.

As such, brands can potentially break into the top 10 results for these terms by promoting attractive packages through visual, high-quality content.


Full article: Top Travel Search Trends in Singapore – 2021

Singapore has been hard-hit by COVID-19 but is also among the first countries to ease restrictions domestically. As such, searches for “travel bubble” have ebbed and flowed in response to government announcements.

Since countries like Malaysia, Australia, and Thailand are the top travel destinations for Singaporeans, content that explores near-future travel to these places is a sure-fire way to gain traction over time.

Meanwhile, “cruises to nowhere” have been in-demand since piloting in December last year, so the easiest way to rank higher for the term is to document great experiences with blogs and videos. Addressing questions about costs is also a good idea, seeing as over 43% of Singaporeans cite budget as a primary consideration when traveling.

And much like in Hong Kong, “glamping” was also popular in Singapore. So, if you’re a local travel brand offering services around these keywords, ensure that you’ve completed your Google My Business profile and updated your contact information and operating hours.


Full article: Top Travel Search Trends in China – 2021

In the absence of overseas travel, Chinese residents turned to self-guided tours and road trips, causing searches on Baidu for “旅游租车” (car rentals), “旅游景点” (local attractions), and “旅游攻略” (travel guidelines) to soar.

To gain more SERP visibility for these keywords, a general rule of thumb would be to create content centered around price and convenience.

Furthermore, an overwhelming number of people searched for local attractions on their smartphones. Therefore, you can optimize your travel content for mobile to increase traffic, customer retention, and ultimately, conversions.


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