The Egg’s approach to search engine optimization is genuinely different. We see SEO as being so much more than building links and conducting keyword research. While both are important, we believe they’re only a small piece of a much bigger picture in which SEO impacts almost every area of your online presence.

The Egg team is comprised of native-speaking SEO specialists who are experienced within the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets. Localization is not an option but a necessity when it comes to SEO for such markets.

SEO in China

With double the number of internet users as the United States, China remains the largest and fastest-growing market in the world.

Personal incomes (and the size of the Chinese online environment) keep expanding at a breathtaking rate. So the time has never been better to start increasing the search visibility of your web properties in China through SEO.

Our team of Chinese SEO specialists are based in Shanghai and Guangzhou. They maintain a high degree of expertise in Baidu and Qihoo 360 SEO, and are obsessed with analyzing and understanding new developments and changes within the search environment. We know what it takes to get you found and noticed.

Choosing the right keywords that will be effective within the Chinese market is far more involved than a simple direct translation. China is a huge market with a great deal of regional diversity. The Egg possesses a deep understanding of Chinese search habits, and is privy to the vast regional and cultural differences throughout the country. This ensures that only the most effective keywords are targeted and the most effective copy is written.

Get in touch with our team in either Hong Kong or Shanghai to find out how we can help you truly gain momentum in your search visibility within your Chinese search.

SEO in Japan

Japan is legendary for being tech savvy, and it is almost trite to say this: Japanese internet users rely on search – especially mobile search, to find what they’re looking for.

Trailing only behind the US and China, Japan makes up the 3rd largest pool of internet users worldwide. With a mature base of highly engaged online consumers and the world’s 3rd largest GDP, isn’t it time your organization took a piece of the organic search market and made it Big in Japan?

Since the Google / Yahoo partnership in late 2010, Google has expanded its control of Japanese search, thereby occupying a share of over 90% of the market. With search results on Yahoo! Japan now being powered by Google, Japanese SEO has become much more straightforward, as sites need only to be optimized for Google.

The Egg’s multi-lingual, multi-national SEO team has bases in both Japan and Hong Kong, thereby being able to brandish the local expertise and language capabilities needed to help you break into the Japanese search market. We make the process as simple and pain-free as possible: we’ll be responsible for everything from the initial site audit through to the ongoing monitoring and optimization processes. We’ll, of course, be providing you with performance reports throughout the journey, so you can rest assured that your brand is in safe hands.

SEO in South East Asia

Whilst much of the Asian story is centered around China, there are a number of savvy brands that are profiting from the less competitive South East Asian economies like Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Ever since its establishment in 1998, the Egg has never stopped building up valuable partnerships with companies and individuals across the region. Given the breadth and depth of this network, our expertise, and our internationally-oriented managerial prowess, we can execute regional SEO and manage clients’ multi-jurisdictional online presence whilst providing a single point of contact for our clients. So, for clients who have footprints that span multiple Southeast Asian regions, we eradicate the risk and hassle entailed in managing their wide-ranging online presence. The Egg currently runs and manages SEO in the following countries within South East Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Get in touch with our regional team based in Hong Kong to find out about managing regional SEO within these markets.