SEO in Japan

Japan is legendary for its tech savvy and connectivity, and Japanese internet users rely on search – especially mobile search, to find what they’re looking for. The Egg’s Japanese SEO services help get you found.

Trailing only behind The US and China, Japan makes up the 3rd largest pool of internet users worldwide. With a mature base of highly engaged online consumers and the world’s 3rd largest GDP, isn’t it time your organization took a piece of the organic search market in the Japan?

Since the Google / Yahoo partnership in late 2010, Google has expanded its control of Japanese search to occupy a share of over 90% of the market. With search results on Yahoo Japan now being powered by Google, Japanese SEO has gotten much more straightforward, as sites need only to be optimized for Google.

That’s not to say that SEO in Japan isn’t without its challenges. Keyword selection can be tricky due to Japanese usage of 3 different scripts. Many keywords can be written differently in each of the 3 scripts, making it complicated to know which word to target. The key to successful Japanese keyword selection is to understand the context of each individual query and how local audiences will most likely be searching for the desired keyword.

Also, as high-context language with a large importance placed on respect and politeness, Japanese contains many subtleties in word usage. Content aimed at different types of audiences could utilize drastically different language sets. Creating content or choosing keywords with the right tone for your specific target audience requires a high level of cultural knowledge and expertise.

The Egg’s multi-lingual, multi-national team of SEO experts has the local expertise and language capabilities needed to help you break into the Japanese search market. We make the process simple and as pain-free as possible, from the initial site audit through ongoing monitoring and optimization, all the while providing you with performance reports on the results of our efforts.

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