The first step in developing and creating an effective SEO strategy is understanding the status of the challenges and potential opportunities faced by your web properties. To do this, we conduct an extensive 80-step audit of both on and off-site criteria to uncover any hindrances that may be preventing search engines from properly crawling or indexing your site, and discover opportunities that will help unlock its full SEO potential. We use our competitive intelligence tools when we perform our SEO audits to compare your own web properties’ performance in a number of key indicators with those of your key competitors to identify additional areas of opportunity. An SEO audit is an essential part of the SEO process with the aim to:

  • Provide an independent assessment of the state of your current SEO program
  • Identify SEO opportunities that can provide your organizations’ web properties with improvements in rankings and traffic against its competitors
  • Identify on-site or off-site issues which could be damaging your existing ranking positions and need to be addressed
  • Isolate areas for SEO quick-wins that will prove high SEO value at the lowest cost
  • Provide your company with an SEO roadmap to follow over the coming 12 months and beyond
  • Improve rankings and traffic for your most important keywords to help you continue to grow your business