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The Japanese SEM Landscape

Japan is a fascinating paid search market with options for campaigns on both Google and Yahoo. Unlike other Asian markets, these platforms have successfully embedded themselves within the Japanese search market. Given this familiarity, the challenge comes from managing the nuances of the Japanese language.

Keyword selection can be challenging due to the Japanese usage of 3 distinct scripts. Requiring a keyword research process that can understand this nuance, and help you target the right keywords to maximize your budget allocation.

We can support your Japanese paid strategy with:

Native Japanese SEM specialists

Executing keyword research

Account set-up on Yahoo! Japan

Creating nuanced ad copy

Active Bid management

Analysis & Reporting in English

Our SEM Clients for Japan

Similar Platforms

Where China and Korea bring new major players in the search market, Japan offers some familiar faces. Google and Yahoo! Japan lead the way as paid search platforms in the country

But Hyper Localized


Our Japanese SEM has the market-level expertise you require to maximize your ROI and reach the most appropriate audience base.


Understanding the 3 Japanese scripts and general trend towards politeness is fundamental to executing Paid campaigns capable of delivering results.

Ad Copy

A large budget is only as effective as the ad copy that drives traffic. Our Japan SEM team works tirelessly on providing the best CTR across all campaigns.

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