With the third highest internet population in the world, and a forward-thinking, tech savvy user base; Japan is a lucrative market for brands capable of crafting localized messages.


Across paid, organic, social, and display, we understand the messages that connect with users, the language they use, and the platforms they prefer. And we also know that merely translating your campaigns into Japanese won’t work.


This is why our agency’s digital marketing team in Tokyo is comprised of native Japanese marketers who possess an innate understanding of the local culture, contextual knowledge and the corresponding expertise in digital. Throughout our 7 years work, we have established connections with recognised local platforms and partners.


Armed with this combination, we create end-to-end digital marketing packages which include consultation, planning and execution tailored to your target audience to ensure that you achieve your business goals.



Our agency has executed digital marketing projects for global and regional brands from a myriad of sectors, including Travel, Fashion, IT, Industrial B2B and Finance. View some of the clients we’ve worked with below.

The Egg can support your Japan-focused digital marketing strategy through:


Gain Organic traction by delivering website performance and content that satisfies the local market’s search intent. Our SEO experts analyse your site top to bottom and provide detailed recommendations to ensure it is discoverable by both search engines and users in Japan.


Utilize paid advertising to get in front of your target market as they search for related terms. Our SEM specialists in both Yahoo! and Google Japan can leverage strategic bid management to secure greater conversions, at lower cost.

Local Specialists with Multinational Understanding

Having been exposed to multinational environments, our local team understands your needs and can determine the best way to achieve it in the Japanese landscape.

Professional English Servicing & Reporting

Our local experts’ professional-level proficiency in English means that we can communicate Japan-specific insights, conduct meetings, and generate project reports in English.