In a previous article, we discussed Weibo’s advantages in content creation, consumption, and engagement. In this article, we discuss the platform’s myriad marketing mediums. When we understand their function and value, we can leverage them to improve brand awareness and increase followers.

Weibo Marketing Opportunities

Compared with WeChat, Weibo has significantly more interactive channels, including live stream, posting, comments, videos, music, e-commerce, and more. These myriad functions increase interaction opportunities and amplify brand messages.

Weibo Mobile

Weibo Desktop

Live Stream 直播

Sina Weibo has its own live stream brand, called Yi live stream, which attracts KOLs and celebrities. The audience is generally <25 years old.

KOL marketing is a common method for promoting products and services, and KOL live stream and video has become a significant trend.

Weibo Mobile Live Stream Page

Super-Topics 超话


Super-topics is an online community built around a popular and sustained discussion on Weibo.

Each super-topic has its own landing page. When you share a post tagging a super-topic, it directs you to the relevant community. After you follow/join the community, your message will display in the feed. You can also see all the related super-topic posts and interact with community members.

Super-topics search bar

You can also search and follow popular super-topics to increase exposure and attract target audiences. Further, brands can create their own super-topics to promote brand messages and engagement. It is also a good platform to interact with customers.

Shiseido super-topics page

Disney super-topic


Most people think that on Weibo, you can only post 140 words with max 9 pictures or one video. However, you can also share articles on the platform.

You can hyperlink your article as a topic tag so that users can simply click the link on the post to access your content. You can also require readers to follow your account before they are able to access your article.

Create an article with social tag and interactive setting

Once your content is read by a certain number of users, more people can then join in to discuss your topics, and the article can be pushed to the hot-topics rank and super-topic communities.

It is both an opportunity and a challenge for brands to increase followers and exposure on Weibo. We are here to help you leverage the opportunity and overcome the challenge.

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