We recently posted about writing to communicate and build trust online in our Write to Rank series.

Google considers trustworthiness an important part of a healthy online ecosystem. We have seen that Google places big reputable brands, which may be a proxy for trustworthiness, higher on SERPs. It is particularly important to build and communicate trust when you are not conducting transactions in person.

But trust isn’t just relevant in the online world. It is an integral part of the relationship between brands and consumers. It affects how people perceive—and make purchasing decisions about—a company, both online and offline.

Trust that you build offline can come back to how you’re perceived online, and influence everything from brand reputation and conversion rates to, increasingly, organic search rankings.

Conveniently, SurveyMonkey conducted a consumer poll to quantify purchaser perceptions of trust. Findings from this poll can help businesses understand how brand trust affects buying behavior, both online and offline.

We charted the findings to help you visualize the trends and opportunities.


Whether your brand is established or a start-up, building trust is vital for business, both online and offline.

We have learned that great customer service is closely tied with trust, and resolving problems to customers’ satisfaction and responding quickly are the two most important elements of customer service.

We can optimize your website to help you better connect and communicate with consumers online and improve your digital customer service.

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