Baidu is a Chinese search engine with around 60% market share and 0.6 million alliance websites in China. It connects businesses with billions of people, allowing advertisers to reach a huge base of potential customers and increase brand influence at a relatively low cost.

Here, we talk about the benefits of Baidu PPC.

What is Baidu PPC?

Baidu PPC (pay-per-click) is a paid online marketing and advertising solution for businesses. Companies can create ads rich in the relevant keywords that will target their desired audience. When people search for those targeted keywords on Baidu, the company ads appear prominently on Baidu’s search engine results page, which increases their likelihood of being clicked.

How do you increase leads with Baidu PPC?

When people search for a solution to their needs, Baidu PPC will show relevant information in search ads and alliance website banners prominently on the search results page. As such, Baidu PPC ads drive traffic to your site, which increases your customer engagement and improves your lead and conversion potential.

What are the components of Baidu PPC ads?

There are three Baidu PPC ad components:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Display URL

baidu ppc ad

Where do Baidu PPC ads appear on the page?

Baidu PPC ads can appear in a couple different positions on the page:

Sometimes, they appear at the top-left and bottom of the search results page.

Sometimes, they appear only at the top-left of the search results page. 

What’s the advantage of using Baidu PPC? 

95% coverage
Baidu is the biggest search engine in China, with a 95% penetration rate. It receives billions of new queries every day, which means that your business has great visibility with Baidu PPC ads.

Charged in PPC model
You are only charged for your ad if it receives a valid click. There is no cost for impressions.

Target specific audiences with strategic keywords
Using the right keywords and selecting the appropriate time and location for your ad to appear will help you effectively target your audience.

Customized promotion
You can customize the location and time for your ad to appear. You can also customize the daily/weekly spending cap to manage your total budget.

How is Baidu PPC different from newspaper or TV ads?

Baidu PPC meets the need for an internet marketing solution. Online, customers are looking for businesses, whereas with traditional ads, businesses are looking for customers.

Through traditional ads, around 80% of the advertisement fee is wasted because the audience is not as targeted. Because it has better targeting capabilities, Baidu PPC is a lower-cost, higher-return option to reach a specific demographic.

Baidu PPC draws customers who have greater intention to purchase and leads to a higher conversion rate for your business, especially given the 95% penetration rate of Baidu in China.

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