Minimizing Invalid Ad Clicks to Maximize Baidu Ad Budgets

Competition is inevitable on Baidu. And when it comes to ads, some of this competition may result in invalid clicks, whether it’s competitors using bots to quickly consume your ad budget or multiple consecutive clicks by human activity.

Essentially, advertisers acquire more clicks if their ads appear in the top rankings. However, the higher the ranking the higher the CPC (cost per click). Also, competition can drive up the price and some nefarious competitors may attack your ads with bots to blow your budget very quickly and ultimately kill your ad.

In this article, we look at how Baidu identifies and minimizes invalid ad clicks to maximize your ad budgets.

Baidu Invalid-Clicks Report

Baidu provides an invalid-clicks report, which allows you to see all invalid clicks—including malignant ones—that may have been killing your budget.

Invalid clicks on Baidu ads include but are not limited to clicks from a non-promotion area and during non-promotion hours and clicks filtered by Baidu’s intelligence system.

Using many parameters and complex algorithms, Baidu’s intelligent filtering system analyzes myriad data and historical behaviors to identify whether a click is valid or invalid.

Once a click is considered invalid, it will be filtered out—at no cost to the advertiser—and these clicks can be viewed in the Baidu invalid-click report.

Baidu has advanced filtering technology to help block unqualified clicks, including:

  • Clicks generated by competitors manually or by a bot (cheating software)
  • Multiple consecutive clicks caused by human double-clicks, browser refresh, etc.
  • Clicks coming from a prespecified IP address using Baidu’s business shield tool

Baidu’s filtering system analyzes clicks from multiple dimensions based on myriad parameters, such as click IP, cookies, keywords, etc. Once a click is found to be abnormal, it will be marked as invalid by the system and filtered out. No cost will be generated. This helps Baidu advertisers better control ad budgets and reach desired audiences.

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