Many advertisers share a common pain point: Their PPC traffic lacks intent to purchase, as there are too many irrelevant searches triggering their bidding keywords, which results in low-quality ad clicks.

Here, we share how to target your audience and increase traffic quality through Baidu PPC.

What is audience targeting?

Audience targeting allows you to identify and isolate the Baidu users that are directly relevant to your business. Baidu has big data that tracks users’ interests and characteristics. You can leverage this big data through audience target bidding when creating your ads so that they appear only when your target demographic searches your keywords.

This will generate fewer irrelevant clicks, giving you better traffic quality and ultimately more conversions.

So, what can you expect from audience targeting on Baidu PPC?

  1. The right audience
  2. A higher conversion rate
  3. A lower cost

Audience Targeting on Baidu PPC: AI-Powered

Baidu allows you to find your target audience using big data and historical data.

Below are the profile dimensions by which you can target your audience on Baidu PPC:

  • Characteristics
    • Sex
    • Age
    • Interests
    • Spending habits
      • Real estate
      • News
      • Travel
      • Car
      • Gaming
      • Education and training
      • Domestic services
      • Business services
      • Home-building materials
      • Physical fitness
      • Digital home appliances
      • Food and beverage
      • Software applications
      • Culture and entertainment
      • Medical health
      • Beauty care
      • Maternity and baby
      • Clothing bags
      • Online shopping
      • Marriage and dating
      • Job hunting
      • Flowers and pets
      • Non-automotive motor vehicles
      • Public welfare
    • Behavior
      • Search history
        • You can add up to 1000 keywords to target your audience
      • Browsing history
        • You can add up to 1000 URLs to target your audience
      • Apps
        • This is mainly for mobile traffic. You can choose your target audience by the type of apps they’ve installed on their phones. While you can’t target by the exact app, you can target by app category, including:
          • Office apps
            • Efficiency office
            • Education and training
            • Travel
            • Traffic navigation
            • Financial management
            • Online shopping
            • Automotive
            • Beauty care
            • Food catering
            • Maternity and baby
            • Medical health
            • Physical education
            • Leisure and entertainment
            • Videos and music
            • Social communication
            • Domestic services
            • Real estate
            • Business services
            • Reading
            • News
            • Utilities
          • Games
            • Casual puzzles
            • Sports competition
            • Action shooting
            • Chessboard game
            • Nutritional
            • Cosplay
            • Racing
            • Strategy
            • Others
          • ID target
            • ID target is a highly accurate targeting method based on:
              • Baidu ID
              • IMEI
              • IDFA
              • Cuid
              • MAC
              • CookieID
              • Cellphone number

          China is growing into the world’s largest economy. And that economy is driven by digital. There are unprecedented opportunities for optimizing your Baidu PPC strategies to discover and target the right audience on China’s largest search engine.

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