Happy Christmas 2020

Our Christmas party looked a little different this year, but we still had fun!

And it gave us an opportunity for our Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong offices to join in virtually for a game of Pictionary.

Team Jingle Bells, Team Santa’s Helpers, Team Holly Jolly (Smartie Pants), and Team Grinch Gang all came together to compete for the win!

But it was Team Holly Jolly who pulled ahead and earned their nickname of Team Smartie Pants—stealing Sing Yee’s Santa’s sleigh guess from Team Grinch Gang and even guessing Dheeraj’s difficult—but expertly executed!—Grinch drawing and Ana’s fireplace.

Not to be outdone, Julia of Team Jingle Bells crafted an unmistakeable (nay questionable?!) mistletoe complete with kissing lips (at least we think that’s what those are!) while Crystal of Team Santa’s Helpers showed off her true artistry with a near-perfect rendition of Mrs. Claus (more lips!).

And Alice of Team Grinch Gang channeled her inner Picasso with hot chocolate—what she describes as the ultimate unique Christmas drink!

While it may have been different this year, our #Christmas2020 party was filled with #cheer.

We wish all of our clients, colleagues, friends, and families #happiness and #health in 2021 and look forward to seeing everyone in person again soon.