China Team Eggscursion 2019

Last week, our China teams from both Shanghai and Guangzhou got together for their annual team-building trip: Eggscursion 2019!

It was a 4-day event that started in Chengdu. From there, they went to Conch Valley, staying in the mountaintops at a 3000-meter altitude! They got lucky to see the sunlight shining on the mountains in the morning, turning the snowcaps a beautiful orange and red.

They ventured up the mountain to see the glacier at 3600m and then walked downhill through ancient forests, breathing the fresh air. They finished the day in a hot spring and watched a Tibetan show. Everyone really enjoyed dancing on the stage!

On the second day, they went to Swallow Valley, which is famous for the red stones that you can see in the pictures. The stones are actually covered with red moss, which gives them their hue, and they looked beautiful against the snow-capped mountains.

They did a bit of hiking there too, and then wrapped up their day back in Chengdu with an authentic Sichuan hotpot.

These eggscursions are so important for us in building our character, working together and strengthening relationships so that we have the best team possible for client service.