Fun and games at Black Room

The Hong Kong office had a blast at our team-building event yesterday at Black Room.

We played a fun-fact scavenger hunt where we each anonymously submitted a unique personal experience, and we had to guess who did what in their lives.

Who knew that Tiffany was the ghost writer for Paris Hilton and Avril Lavigne’s Weibo accounts, or that Alice can remember 100 decimals places of pi, or that Leesoo had 30 chickens growing up!

We also played a game called Werewolf. Super fun but the evil werewolves tried to kill Kenji 3 times! Thankfully, the guard, Keith, and the witch, Vince, saved him every time—until they couldn’t anymore. Kenji died on the 4th attempt, and isn’t bitter at all today (yeah, right!).

Working together (and in some cases against each other) helped us bond and get to know one another better. We look forward to the next one—and Kenji’s revenge!

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