This intensive 1-day course in the perfect way to broaden your understanding of the complex China digital market landscape. The course will provide you with the knowledge that will allow you to plan your China digital strategy by having a good fundamental understanding of all the possible options available to you.


The 1 day intensive course is really designed for professionals who have some understanding of digital but are not yet fully informed on the China digital marketing environment. Our trainers are flying in to Singapore from Hong Kong and Shanghai just for this training to give you the most up to date knowledge in the China market. You will learn about Search Engines and Social, Display and Analytics and hear what has worked for brands in the past. You will also have a unique opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish leveraging their combined 20 years experience in China Digital marketing.

Who should attend

Brand Marketings, Marketing Managers, Regional Marketing Directors and business owners who may be looking to enter the China market.

How will I benefit

After taking part in the 1- Day intensive course you will be able to: Understand the China digital marketing landscape, Have a good view of how SEO in China is different from Google and know about Baidu’s properties we can use for SEO, Understand tools used for keyword research for PPC on Baidu and , Know which Display options you have available to you, Understand the strengths and weaknesses of WeChat and Weibo and their various advertising options, Get a clear picture on measurement tools for digital in China overall.

Eligible for 40% PIC cash rebate

Companies that are registered in Singapore can apply for a 40% rebate under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme.
To find out more information and apply for the rebate for the event you can follow this link.

What you will learn

It is called intense for a reason, the 1 day course will be jam packed with examples and case studies in the following 6 sessions.


China Digital Market Landscape

  • Setting the scene in China now
  • Key trends that are emerging
  • Important stats you should know and understand
  • Overview of platforms and key products
  • Examples of foreign companies that do know how to make it work


China SEO

  • SEO on Baidu overview
  • SEO process on Baidu and deciding priorities
  • Keyword research and tools
  • how to do SEO on Baidu properties such and Baike / Zhidao / Wenku / Tieba


China SEM

  • Baidu account setup best practice
  • Keyword research and ad copy testing
  • Tailoring your landing pages for the local market
  • Overview of Baidu’s advertising products
  • Understanding So.com’s products Vs Baidu


Social Media in China

  • Getting setup on Weibo and WeChat
  • Using Weibo audience targeting features
  • Acquiring followings for your social content on WeChat
  • WeChat site setup best practices
  • Measuring your social efforts in China


Chinese Display and Programatic advertising landscape

  • Overview of display vendors in China
  • Baidu Union overview
  • Search Targeting / Retargeting and other tactics on Baidu
  • Banner best practice for the local market
  • Programatic overview of vendors and technical capabilities


Measuring performance and technical challenges in China

  • Overview of measurements options
  • Understanding Baidu Webmaster tools
  • Google Analytics Vs. Baidu Tongi
  • 3rd Party tools that can help you get more visibility

Your Trainers


Daniel Cai

China GM,
The Egg Company Limited

Daniel is General Manager (China) at The Egg company. He has 10 years of experience providing clients with successful, tailor-made digital marketing strategies in China.His areas of specialty when training include China SEO, Analytics, Baidu PPC, Wechat and Strategic Planning. Daniel conducts training in both English and Mandarin.


Vennie So

Regional Director,
The Egg Company Limited

Vennie is Head of Search at The Egg company and manages SEO and PPC projects for regional customers, specializing in multi-lingual, multi-market search. With her strong computing background, she is the resident technical SEO consultant. Vennie covers many different subjects when training. Her core subjects include SEO, Analytics, Content Marketing and Paid Search. Vennie conducts training in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Vennie holds a Bachelor of Computing in Software Design from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Our clients

The Egg has provided training to the following companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore:




High Street Centre, 1 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179094



May 19th 2017 9-5pm


includes lunch and refreshments


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