The travel sector has been an interesting one to be involved in and, like the Publishing industry, it has undergone massive upheaval.

We have seen airlines wrestling back the customer relationship from the OTAs, and the OTAs outbidding in paid search all the local agencies in almost every market. The search engines have also become more involved in the space, with Google launching Google Flight in global markets and Baidu buying a stake in, and vertically integrating itself into, local OTA Qunar. To categorize the travel industry as a moving target would be a gross understatement and this is where the Egg can help.

The Chinese market offers an unprecedented opportunity for companies looking to capitalize on China’s travel boom. We understand the fluid nature of the space and enjoy the challenges it presents to our team. The Egg works with some of the largest players in the industry including airlines (low cost and premium), hotel groups with more than 200 properties, and ETAs.

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B2B in China

The Egg has a long history in executing B2B Search Marketing. One of our first SEO clients was a prominent software company looking to penetrate the China market. We have worked with many B2B companies to date.

The long order cycle and lead nurturing process make B2B quite unique and a stark contrast from the other areas we operate in. Nevertheless, our experience has enabled us to master the nuances of B2B content marketing and to conjoin it with SEO, which is a natural fit to the whole strategy. Whether the campaigns have been in natural or paid search, the Egg has spent a great deal of time helping companies join the dots. That might be through bidding platform integration with CRM systems such as, or bolting on lead nurturing capability with Marketo or Pardot. Like B2B companies, the Egg team loves data, and nothing gets us more excited than getting all the data points lined up so that we can squeeze the last drop out of every campaign.

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The Egg has been fortunate enough to work with both click-and-mortar retailers and online retailers, thereby seeing both sides of the equation. Our clientele encompasses brands looking to expand direct sales as well platforms that sell the branded products.

The China e-commerce buzz has reached fever pitch. The listing of Alibaba has only added to the frenzy and, coupled with record e-commerce spending on special promotional days like 11/11, it is no wonder that companies both inside and outside China want a piece of the action. Brands often struggle with how they can best enter the market and with what is right for their brand, whilst simultaneously fulfilling their aggressive sales goals.

The Egg understands the challenges faced by each individual brand, and can help companies refine their multi-channel approaches in order to appeal to their target customers in the most effective manner.


Publishing is an industry that has undergone massive changes in the last 10 years. To survive, publishers have to rise to the unprecedented challenges coming from multiple quarters.

Not only have new competitors emerged and are operating by completely different rules and quality standards; but advertisers have also become publishers which further intensifies the competition for eyeballs. Only the most nimble have been able to battle through. Clearly, brand differentiation and building customer loyalty have become their survival mantra.

The Egg works with some of Asia’s biggest Chinese- and English-language publishers, regardless of whether they specialize in fashion, recruitment, lifestyle, or hard news. We define strategies to help expand key audiences which, in turn, increases advertising inventory and causes subscriptions to burgeon.