Sharing knowledge is useful for the student and gratifying for the teacher. The team at the Egg has always loved speaking at conferences but we felt it was never quite enough.

Teaching provides such a fantastic opportunity to revisit and solidify what we have learned whilst enjoying the exchange and feedback from an audience. This love of teaching prompted us to expand our course offerings to companies. And now, we offer standard training as well as custom designed courses for departments and companies, based on their specific needs.

SEO Audit

The first step in developing and creating an effective SEO strategy is understanding the challenges and potential opportunities faced by your web properties.

To do this, we conduct an extensive 80-step audit of both on- and off-site criteria to uncover any hindrances that may be preventing search engines from properly crawling or indexing your site. We also discover and identify opportunities that will help unlock the full SEO potential of your web properties.

We use a wide array of tools when we perform our SEO audits, thereby enabling us to compare your web properties’ performance in a number of key indicators with the online performance of your major competitors. This will allow us to further hone in on any additional areas of opportunity.

Strategic Localisation

As countless global brands have discovered, strategic plans thought up in London, New York, Paris or Frankfurt look just great! Until they arrive in Asia, that is.

The Egg helps companies overcome these hurdles and adjust their plans in accordance with the unique psychological, social, political and technical landscape in Asia. We help global brands adapt their messaging and websites, overcome technical challenges, tackle user experience issues, navigate their way around political sensitivities and find hosting workarounds. The aim is to make campaigns as comprehensively localized as possible, thereby giving clients the greatest chance of success.

Content Marketing

“Content Marketing”, “Brand Journalism” or “Digital PR” – whatever label you choose, it really comes down to a singular concept – is a company able to effectively articulate its story and attract and engage the customer?

It is less about selling and more about building trust, affinity and good will with the customer. In a world of conversion rates and page views, this is understandably a difficult transition for companies to make. It does, however, make perfect sense, whether we consider it from a customer’s psychological perspective or from an SEO perspective. Good content keeps search engines happy, and customers feel less like they are being constantly shouted at and bombarded with sales pitches. Finally, the planets have aligned!

The Egg has been building content marketing campaigns since about 2010 as part of our standard White Hat SEO implementations. Get in touch and find out more about how we can give your brand story the reach it deserves.


Looking before you leap is good advice when growing up but even more so when it comes to investing advertising dollars into very different business environments.

Companies need to understand what they are getting into and this is especially the case in China, where the worlds biggest multinationals have famously fumbled their attempts to enter the market.

Research can take many forms but a typical engagement would be in one of the following areas:

– Competitor Analysis across organic search
– Market analysis by sector
– E-commerce research with the goal of understanding the most suitable channels for the product or service
– Strategic Planning