SEO News: Mobile-friendly Alert

Last week, Google sent mass notifications through Google Webmaster Tools to webmasters whose websites were (in the eyes of Google) not mobile-friendly. The message is basically an alert indicating that such sites will not be displayed appropriately and will not be ranked well on mobile searches. But don’t panic; if you have got this, you’re…



Baidu Research Announced Speech Recognition Breakthrough

Baidu’s research division announced initial results from its speech recognition system named “Deep Speech”. Deep Search’s main goal is to improve accuracy in noisy environments such as in restaurants or on public transportation. According to released test results, Deep Speech outperforms previously published results on the Switchboard Hub5’00 benchmark, achieving 16.5% Word Error Rate on…



Alibaba Launches Alitrip

Alibaba announced the launch of a new travel brand “Alitrip” which replaces Taobao Travel, previously under the company’s Taobao Marketplace. The web address of Taobao Travel now automatically redirects to the new brand’s website at In the announcement, the company expressed the desire to build up Alitrip and transform it into a leading platform…