Korea’s second biggest Internet platform Daum has officially announced the end of its microblogging platform Yozm.


Daum founded the social network service in February 2010, initially hoping to attract users with social gaming functions.

However, it proved to be an uphill battle with the presence of strong local and international competitors

The main competitors were home-grown platforms such as Me2Day (Naver), Nate Connect (Nate) and of course the notorious (inter)national market leader Twitter.

The number of users until now is estimated at around 3 million, a sharp contrast to Twitter’s current user base of 6.4 million.

The official reason for withdrawing from the microblogging market is that Daum wants to, “re-focus on its core businesses”.

Yozm users have been given until December to back their data up, and the app was made unavailable on 12 April.

Although their withdrawal won’t have much of an impact on the social media landscape in Korea, it is demonstrative of just how fierce the competition is in Korea’s SMS market.