is a very popular fashion e-commerce site in China. With significantly increasing numbers of users, comments about are also growing rapidly on various industry websites.


Some commentaries have said and have created a precedent for community-based e-commerce in China. So, what does look like?



Introduction was founded in November 2009, specializing in women’s fashion. It helps middle class women to find the ideal clothing and skin care products which are best suited to them. Users can search for experts, shops, group buying, and they can also share online shopping links and information on their favorite products.


The products listed on come from third party websites, and primarily have listings on Taobao, China’s largest e-commerce site. When users click on a product on Meilishuo, they are re-directed to the third party sites, including Taobao, where they can make their purchase and after which Meilishuo will receive a commission.



Current State

According to, the number of registered users has reached 150 million since its launch in March 2010. The daily user volume is 3.2 million while the daily number of page views is 164 million, and per user traffic is averaged at 51 pages. Every month, the website brings about 700 million yuan to Taobao’s turnover.


The following chart provides a screen shot of the Alexa open data platform which has analyzed The chart shows the daily traffic rank trend of, which shows a significant upward trend.



Profit Models is a social e-commerce sharing model. In this vertical field, people who have the same interests and hobbies (i.e. finding out about the latest in fashion and shopping for clothes) come together to recommend, share and comment on the many different products which are available. As mentioned above, these products come from third party websites.

If people visit and then buy products on the third party websites like Taobao, will get a commission. In simple terms, is a shopping guide entrance – letting people know what the latest fashion trends are /what to buy/ how to mix and match etc..

It does this through good design and layout, which helps to stimulate user interest in buying, and then lead them to Taobao. claim their orientation is social e-commerce and their main profits come from advertisements. In addition, group buying also brings significant profits.



I think the shortcomings of are that the product styles are limited to those offered on Taobao, and that the site can even be said to be overly dependent on Taobao. Secondly, it’s difficult to control how Taobao sellers’ self-promote their products on the site. This will bring bad user experiences if the Taobao listings are not up to standard.



Promotion models

For most of its website promotion, uses various means to promote online including a huge investment in advertising; traditional search engine optimization strategies; social media platforms (especially Weibo); QQ interconnections and so on.


At the same time has also pursued Mobile App’s to promote on the mobile internet. Now users can enter the site via IPAD / IPHONE and ANDORID ports as well.


Meilishuo04 is also focusing on co-operation with QQ interconnection as mentioned above. QQ interconnection is a new function of Tencent, which is similar to Weibo interconnection.


Website owners can apply to have the “QQ interconnection” login placed on their sites, so that when users visit their sites, they can use their QQ account to login to the website (with no need to create a new account) which is beneficial for the website owner who can know more about their users.


So if users access Meilishuo through QQ interconnection, when they find a good dress, they can click “share”- and then the dress information will be posted on their QQ-zone (which means their QQ blog). “Like” functions are also available through QQ interconnection.


When comparing the traffic from QQ interconnection and search engines, iResearch found that the relationship between the two is one to one. After accessing QQ interconnection, the total traffic and number of users of increased 20% and 70%. In other words, utilizing QQ interconnection for attracting traffic is a win-win promotion method to both Meilishuo and Tencent.