On October 30th, Naver, the biggest search engine in South Korea introduced its new Keyword trend tool ‘Naver trend’. This keyword tool is Naver’s equivalent to Google trends, and offers unique insights in its database.


Naver trend might be particularly interesting for analysing seasonal or event-based traffic performances of certain keywords in the past. Needless to say that the insights could be of great value for Korean SEO and PPC campaigns in particular and marketing campaigns in general.


Just as with Google trends, different options and features are offered in Naver’s keyword trends tool. It is possible to compare up to five keywords and blend in news headlines in order to get a better understanding of the traffic peaks.


The first options one can choose from are the two categories ‘web searches’ and ‘mobile searches’. Combined results of both sources are not provided at this stage. Regarding the date range, one month, three months, one year, the whole record, or a custom range can be chosen and the records go all the way back to January 2007. Results can be downloaded as .csv files.


Similar to Google trends, results are only in relative numbers, whereas ‘100’ illustrates the highest traffic point of the researched keyword within the chosen time period. All other results are measured relatively to that peak traffic point.


Naver Trend has just been released for Korean language and is still in Beta phase. It might therefore still have some points to improve, but Naver claims that it is going to further develop the tool and provide better results in future. From an SEO point of view, this is a great tool to get some insights in the very complicated Korean search landscape. Let’s wait and see and hope that Naver will release further tools to help us understanding the market better.


What do you think about this new tool? Do you have any experience with similar tools for content optimization in the Korean market? Let us know!