Naver has recently announced the most popular blogs on its platform in 2014. Naver is a search engine that runs its own CMS and gives significant search benefits to the blogs using their CMS. For this reason, many international brands have had to create separate Naver blogs to target Korean customers.Selection based on 3 criteriaNaver’s blog selection is a two-step process and uses key three metrics. First, the blogs are divided into 8 categories and the top 20 blogs are selected within each category. Secondly, the top blogs are assessed on:


  • Activity rate – This includes metrics that signify how active a blog is such as operation period, number of posts, posting frequency, page views, number of followers and number of comments.


  • Committee’s evaluation – This includes quality of content, engagement via comments, credibility of activity (commercial activity or organic, attribute resource if is sponsored).


  • Blogger’s pledge – This includes reviewing blogs for breach of copyright and commercial posting. To provide quality information to readers, Naver ensures that bloggers do not breach copyright of others and state commercial posts appropriately.


Naver 8 power blog categories8 categories of Naver power blog


Power blog

In 2012, there were 16 million Naver blogs. 154 blogs were announced as the most popular blogs in 2014, making these top 0.001% blogs on Naver. These top blogs are known as power blogs, and are awarded a special badge to indicate its power status. These badges typically act as a validation for the blog, showing readers that the blog they’re reading has been recognized as a top blog by the key search engine in Korea.


Naver Power blog badge


Identify real influencers

As the name suggests, power blogs have a great power. Not only are these blogs are exposed to a large audience since Naver allows its blogs to rank higher than websites, but readers are more likely to trust these power blogs and take action on them. Ultimately, these power blogs have great influence on its audience.


As a result, this tool is a great way to seek out influencers in a category. Take note of these blogs, include them in your outreach list and build a relationship with these bloggers. You can then take advantage of these relationships to gain more exposure for your website.