Naver Search Result’s New Social Sharing Options

After our post on the Facebook integration on Yahoo! Japan, we would like to present another social media integration of a major search engine in East Asia. This time, your Korea SEO work might get a little more interesting.

On February 21, Naver announced the implementation of social sharing right from within the SERP, similar to Google’s sharing option with G+ when you are logged in. This is how Google’s social sharing in its SERP looks like at the moment:


However, shareable search results and sharing platforms offered on the Naver SERP are completely different and less self-centered than the one’s by big G, as Naver offers more than only its own social media properties. Additionally, you don’t need to be logged in and it is also available on the mobile SERPs to an even greater extent than on the desktop version (see summary table below).

The new sharing feature was rolled out for the desktop and mobile SERPS at the same time and depending on which version you use, the shareable categories and sharing options are different. You can see how the sharing functions are presented for desktop and mobile version on the screenshots below:




Regarding the differences for the two versions, I came up with following table to illustrate what kind of search results are shareable and to which platforms those results can be shared to.

 Naver PCNaver Mobile
Shareable Categories
Web ResultsXO
Knowledge INXO
Shareable Platforms
Naver BookmarksOO
Naver CafeOO
Naver BlogOO
Naver MemoOO
Naver CalendarOO
Line MessengerXO
Kakao Talk MessengerXO
Naver BandXO

Naver announced that this feature is most likely to be expanded, so chances are high that we are going to see some changes or additions for the shareable search results or the sharing platforms in the table above. We need to keep a close eye on further developments and announcements. In general, however, it would be interesting to know how many people are actually using this kind of SERP social sharing, for both Google and Naver.

What are your thoughts on this new function? Would you use some of the sharing options offered by Naver?