On March 28, Yahoo! Japan and NHN Japan jointly announced their closer co-operation for organic search. The project these two Internet giants are working on at the moment encompasses the development of a search engine specifically made for the extremely popular content curation platform ‘Naver Matome’.


This search engine will be deployed in two different ways: within the organic search results of Yahoo! Japan and as the internal search engine on the Naver Matome website itself.

Naver Matome – A short Overview

The Japanese content curation platform was launched in July 2009 and became very popular in the last couple years. In January 2013 it recorded no less than 1.28 billion page views and 41 million unique visitors.

Like with any other content curation platform, the main goal is to categorise, organise and present already existing content on the Internet. Each page or ‘Matome’ is about a specific topic or keyword and is accessible to anyone for free as soon as it is published.

In order to become a content curator, you simply need to sign up for a free account on Naver Japan. Creating a Matome is then very self-explanatory and uncomplicated as you can see in the screenshot below.


Implications for SEO in Japan

The announced Naver Matome vertical results in the Yahoo! Japan’s SERPs might have a big impact on SEO in Japan depending on the implementation. This is especially the case because Matome results will be treated ‘with priority’, probably meaning that they might even appear above paid results.

The project is planned to be implemented by the end of April at latest, then we will see how much of a priority Matome results will be given.