Shanghai SES Review

Shanghai SES was at the end of last month and I’ve got to say it was an amazing turnout and certainly larger than the first Asian SES event held in Hong Kong last September. There were some good sessions although I did find it a bit “Social Heavy” – with Sina weibo being the sponsor it was kind of expected.




I took part on a panel about site architecture and structure in the afternoon on the first day.  Below is a quick summary of my presentation:

  • Why is site architecture important?
  • What is a Flat website?
  • How deep does Baidu typically crawl websites?
  • Examples of good and bad site architecture
  • Ways to improve site indexation through top level navigation
  • Examples of other ways to get deep pages indexed by search engines
  • If you can’t make changes to your site easily, What can you do?
  • Top 3 “Take Aways”