A couple of days ago, Baidu placed a message in the search results to any keyword that contains SEO, and placed its Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guideline in the position 1 result. The message says;


“Do not trust any pitch or case study from SEO companies, and inappropriate search engine optimization will jeopardize the site performance. Baidu advises the webmaster to read the official guideline before doing SEO.”




Without a doubt, this move has upset all the SEOers and SEO companies in China. Everybody throws stones at Baidu and criticizes its use of language and manipulation of search results.


I do see a few SEO companies in China do whatever it takes to get good positions in Baidu including using unethical ways. Baidu must be very upset by these companies and accordingly made the above move. However, they don’t represent SEO in China. SEO is really an ongoing process and results will not just come overnight. SEO is an art not a trick.



To download the Official Baidu SEO Guide, please find the link below.


P.S. By the time when this post is published, Baidu has already taken out that message.