With the decline in the cost of smart phones, it’s not an exaggeration to say that almost everyone owns one. Naturally, this will have an impact on the Internet, but to what extent has it changed the status quo? Compared to a desktop computer, mobile phones have the advantage of being conveniently compact and portable.


However, this is only one side of the story. In order to allow users to make greater use of mobile phones, more effort is needed, such as functional convenience. How to make the phone easier to use?




Mobile phones are in continuous improvement. For example, we’ve seen advancement from the black-and-white screen to the colour screen, from the physical button input to the touch screen input, from simple phone SMS to lots of different messaging applications, all of these make mobile phones easier use.


Mobile phone functions have gradually brought the handset closer to the computer. And the emergence of smart phones makes mobile phones look more like a microcomputer. As prices continue to tumble, users of smart phones have grown exponentially.


Invariably, this has led to more people using mobile phones to surf the Internet. Phone applications, such as those for mobile banking and mobile search, have emerged. In order to compete for a larger share of the growing mobile phone market, search engines should pay more attention to the convenience of mobile search.


For the phone itself, the basic function is the call. Combining the call function with other functions, voice control is much more convenient than typing a query into the phone. Imagine completing the query, search, sending messages and more via a variety of software controlled by voice. This should be the most convenient method for mobile phone users to do some searches.


Obviously, all search engines are considering how to increase their own market share of. In order to grow, voice search function is imperative. Siri’s appearance has acted like a guiding light to attract everyone’s attention, and has also raised awareness of the need for the development of voice applications. Currently, Sogou has also developed a voice assistant. Baidu launched voice plan of its own too. Of course, Google won’t miss this good opportunity – Google is also developing its own voice applications.


All of the major search engines have showed their hand. Another war could happen soon.