Baidu Search Open Platform has been introduced to the public for a while. The Search Open Platform used to require an invitation code to sign up before, however now it’s free to register for all the webmasters. So far, more than 400 resources and apps have been indexed by Search Open Platform.


However, as far as I have found, not many foreign brands have reacted on the launch of this new platform. Some of them maybe haven’t figured out what to do with it and others might be not even aware of it.


It is really simple to submit anyway. To use Baidu Search Open Platform, you have to sign up as a verified user first ( Once you sign up and log in, you will then enter the admin console of Search Open Platform.


Baidu Search Open Platform Admin Console


There are 6 templates already in it for you to choose: ecommerce, job hunting, videos, courier, customer service and downloads. Of course, you can choose “add other resource” to add the resources other than those 6 categories.  Let’s take an example of adding a 400 customer service number.


You will just simply need to fill in the form below. Alternatively, you could also use XML to submit as well.


Baidu Search Open Platform’s Customer Service Number submission



If your submission gets approved, your result will always be shown in a good position as long as people search the target keyword you assigned.


However, Baidu does have a high standard on approving the resources. To get successfully indexed, the resource that you try to submit must possess the following qualities.


Unique: Your resource must be unique from others.


Useful: The information must be useful to the users and related to the target keyword.


Accurate: The resource must be reliable and the information that you present must be accurate.


Usability:  The presentation of your resource must be comprehensive to users and easy to follow.


Up-to-date: It’s also very important to present the user the most up-to-date information.


If you are doing search engine marketing in China, but you have not yet touched search open platform, then you’d better put that into your action plan this year.