While Baidu is China’s dominant search engine, there are other search engine players in China that also drive substantial organic traffic, and Sogou is one of them. While Sogou has a relatively small market share compared to Baidu, it still boasts a significant userbase and has distinct advantages.

One such advantage is that Sogou is the only search engine that is allowed to crawl public messages on Tencent’s WeChat platform. This is huge for understanding your audience and how and what they search.

Here, we discuss setting up Sogou Webmaster Tools, so that you can optimize on the search engine, analyze the results, and reap the benefits of Sogou audience targeting and data.

Sogou Webmaster Tools

Just like the webmaster tools provided by Baidu and 360 Search, Sogou Webmaster Tools is also a free service that allows us to check the indexing and optimization status of our websites on the search engine.

There are two parts to setting up Sogou Webmaster Tools: 1) register account and 2) verify website.

Setting up Sogou Webmaster Tools Part 1: Register Account

You can register for Sogou Webmaster Tools by email or mobile phone number. We will demonstrate the process of email registration. Get started here.

Step 1: Enter the email address

Enter the email address

Step 2: Enter the desired password

Password rules:

  • Passwords must be 6-16 characters in length.
  • Use numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols.

Enter the password

Step 3 : Enter the verification code

Enter the required verification code to prove you’re not a robot!

Enter the verification code

Step 4: Verify the email address

You will receive a verification email from Sogou. Click the link in the message to verify the email address within two days.

Verify the email address

Verification link

After you click the verification link, you will see a registration success page.

Successful registration

Setting up Sogou Webmaster Tools Part 2: Verify Website

You’ll need to verify your website to use Sogou Webmaster Tools. Get started here.

Step 1: Log in to Sogou Webmaster Tools

Enter your email, password, and the verification code (to prove you’re not a robot!).

Log in to Sogou Webmaster Tools

Step 2: Add your site

Here’s where you can add your site.

Add your site

Step 3: Enter your site URL

Enter your site URL

Step 4: Verify your website

There are two ways to verify the website: file verification and HTML tag verification. We’ll discuss both below.

Verify Website

  1. File Verification

Download the verification file and place this file in the web root directory within 6 hours.

File verification

  1. HTML Tag Verification

Add the code to your site’s homepage HTML code between the <head> tag and the </ head> tag within 6 hours.

Step 5: Finish verification

After you’ve entered all of the verification details, you must click Finish Verification.

If there was an error in the verification fields, you will receive a notification to correct.

After you set up Sogou Webmaster Tools, you can start leveraging Sogou’s useful data and analytics to better reach your target audience.

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