China’s B2C Market Status

Earlier this week, Enfodesk released figures to describe China’s 2012 B2C market share. After a bit of digging, we the following chart from China Internet Watch.




As you can see, Tmall accounts for the largest portion of the pie, with just over 44% share of the market. 360buy and Tencent trail behind in 2nd and 3rd with shares of 16% and 3.8% respectively. Suning and Amazon round of the top 5, with another electrical retailer Gome also appearing in the top 10.


With everyone else jostling for position within the remaining 25%, it’s quite eye opening to see the dominance that Tmall has in the entire commerce industry. China Internet Watch goes on to stress that this year will see fierce competition over what the best e-commerce platform will be.


From what we can see, there’s an increasing number of clients who are looking towards Tmall and using their platform to reach out to more customers. It makes sense, seeing as consumers are voting with their clicks by advocating and using Tmall. What about you? Will you be taking Tmall or another e-commerce platform into consideration for your Chinese venture?